Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Nearly all the stories I've written lately have been about people living under a totalitarian regime or a dictatorial rule or in downright slavery - and fighting for their freedom. Last night, my husband sat me down, brought this up and asked, "Is there something we need to talk about?" :D

Well, no. But yes, he's right, and I've been wondering for a while now - why this obsession with freedom? I see the same theme everywhere, including what I read, what I watch, what I hear. For example, I hear an album for the first time, and the songs I remember afterwards are the ones about freedom.

Yes, freedom is important to me - but isn't it to everyone? And is that why it has - without me making any conscious decisions about it - become an underlying theme or subject in so much of what I do? Of course, it is a theme that can be explored endlessly, not only as being free (from, say, slavery - or from pain, something that in one of my stories stems from personal experience), but in terms of freedom of speech; freedom to be who you are, to think and dream and write as you will; freedom to make your own choices and not be judged for them...

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