Friday, 11 July 2014

Review: Two organic chocolates

Today we take a look - I mean, a taste - of two organic chocolates. Pirkka is a Finnish brand, but a careful study of the wrappings reveals that the chocolate is Swiss. Sounds promising.

The first victim is white chocolate with raspberry. The pieces are rather modest in their appearance, but the colour is a pretty pink. Raspberry flavour is stronger than I expected and it tastes authentic (not one of those artificial raspberry flavours). There are small pieces of raspberry scattered here and there and they do indeed appear to be real (seeds and all!). I have nothing to say about the white chocolate itself - it is sweet, as white chocolate tends to be, and has no particular character. That's fine, though - raspberry takes centre stage and I like that.

The other sample comes from dark chocolate. As far as dark chocolates go, it is not particularly impressive (not even very dark, I might add), with a somewhat dry rather than that melt-in-your-mouth texture. The tiny pieces of cocoa brittle, however, make up for this. They have a strong taste that could almost be described as roasted - they make me think of cocoa beans! They're very crispy, though, almost too hard to crack with your teeth. Still, they are what definitely 'makes' this chocolate.

I might buy either one of these again – in fact, I already have! Or my husband did, apparently reading my mind: I forgot to taste the two chocolates together, and I think they might make a great combination! Definitely needs a new tasting session. The fact that they're organic and fairtrade chocolates is certainly a bonus.

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