Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Perfect presents

It was my name day today... actually, the name day for my middle name, but any excuse for celebrating and having some ice-cream or cake is a good one, right? ;) So it was my name day, and this is what my lovely family got me:

Volume Two of my very favourite graphic novel series, Pakanat ("Pagans"), which is set in Viking Age Finland! I must confess that I hardly ever read graphic novels, but I really enjoyed the first part in this series. And then there's a little lego figurine, a fierce warrioress! My husband had had to do some hunting to get his hands on this one... he claims it looks just like me when I'm angry. :D There is also a card with many colourful hearts, drawn by my daughter.


  1. Belated Happy Nameday!
    And congratulations on the perfect gifts :) - I adore the Lego warrioress.
    Hugs & best wishes,

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, I love the little warrioress, she now stands on my desk. I didn't even know they made these, but my DH had done some research to find one that I'd like, and he chose the right one. One must be careful not to end up collecting them; they have Vikings, Musketeers, Spartans, Romans, Gladiators, Highland warriors...