Sunday, 4 January 2015

Literary Lego figures

As a sort of continuation to my previous post (nah, actually I'm posting this just because I think it's funny), another gift: these tiny lego figurines. You may have already met my fierce warrioress, named Breaca (if you're familiar with Manda Scott's Boudica series, and know how deeply I love it, you'll know why I named her so). Well, it seems I was appropriately enthusiastic about this figurine which I got for my name day, because a certain unnamed person decided I needed more of them. Therefore I now have not only Breaca but her brother Bán (yes, another character from the Boudica series), an axe-wielding Viking called Eirik Väkevä (Eirik the Strong – my favourite character in “Vaskilintu” by Kaari Utrio) and a Viking lady who has yet to be named. My husband suggests Ingrid Iloinen (Ingrid the Cheerful), which is nice because it made me cheerful.

Anyway, they're cute and clearly they've been picked out with my favourite historical periods in mind. They now brandish their various weapons at me under my computer screen, crying in their tiny voices, “Get to work, get to work!”


  1. Ha, what next? All kinds of Legos in these days, really!

    1. Haha, yes! There really are _a lot_ of them, and these definitely aren't the weirdest ones! :D