Monday, 16 November 2015

Review: Divine 70 % Dark Chocolate with Raspberries

I’ve never tasted Divine chocolate before, but I was attracted to this little tablet because of the beautiful wrapping. Look at it! Isn't it pretty? (I'll confess that I’ve eaten all the chocolate but I still have the wrapping!)

When I open the wrapping, out wafts a rich, tempting aroma. It’s dark yet intriguingly fruity.

And the taste? Does the chocolate live up to its name? Remember, we’re looking for something divine here... and it doesn’t disappoint! The dark chocolate is indeed fairly dark (70 %) with an exciting intensity but no hint of bitterness. It has a satisfying snap but once you put it into your mouth it has a lovely velvety feel and will melt on your tongue. The raspberries with their fresh fruity tang provide a terrific counterpoint to the dark, sweet chocolate. I love raspberries, and, unlike in some other chocolates, their flavour here is clear and authentic. It’s a perfect combination with the rich dark chocolate.

Divine is also a fair trade chocolate, and that’s definitely a big bonus. It’s somewhat pricier than the normal supermarket varieties, but I’d say it’s worth it – save it for those special occasions!

By the way, you might want to check out Divine Chocolate’s website. They have lots of information about chocolate and a large collection of mouth-watering recipes.


  1. Oh, wow, if you set out to make people drool over their keyboards, at least in my case you definitely succeeded! :D It sounds absolutely positively delicious. Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes & hugs

    1. Why, thank you, Kathy! :D This chocolate was definitely delicious, and I'm happy to share my impressions. :)

  2. Ihana paketti!! Kaunis!
    Ja kuulostaa hurmaavan koukuttavalta suklaalta!
    Juuri sopiva marraskuun tunnelmapalaksi!

    1. Juuri kauniin paketin vuoksi tämä sattui silmään kaupassa. Ja on herkullista, ihana tumman suklaan ja kirpeän vadelman yhdistelmä. :)