Monday, 18 April 2016

Two years of blogging!

Saturday marked the two-year anniversary of this blog. I was busy with other things (weekend! Sometimes I do have a life ;) ...although, all right, much of it had to do with writing, reading and chocolate) so I didn't manage to post anything then, but here goes.

First, the obligatory exclamation: I can't believe it's been two years already!

I don't know if anyone cares about statistics, but it would seem that my top five posts are... wait for it... chocolate reviews! Yes, each and every one of the five most visited posts in this blog is a chocolate review. This one is the most popular of them all.

The most frequently read posts that are not about chocolate are book reviews of Kelly Gardiner's "Goddess" and Joanne Harris' "The Gospel of Loki", my best reads from 2015 and Valentine's Day feast in Game of Thrones style.

I'll admit that the popularity of chocolate reviews is a surprise; after all, I wrote the first reviews as a bit of a joke... But what's the conclusion we can draw from this? Apparently people like chocolate reviews. And since any excuse to eat more chocolate I am such a good-hearted, altruistic individual, I will continue to help all chocolate lovers and write more reviews. ;) I will likely also keep rambling about books, reading, writing and some completely random topics.

During these two years, I've written 135 posts. It's not that many, true, but it's a lot more than I expected to write. As I mentioned last year, the plan was to just give this thing a try, see how it goes and blog maybe every other week or so. I guess it was more fun than I expected since I haven't given up yet.

Thank you for reading! :)

(Oh, and the chocolates in the picture? They deserve their own post; watch this space for a review.)


  1. Happy Blog-Anniversary!
    The statistics were interesting, too - although I can definitely see why chocolate reviews would be the most popular. I mean, hey, it's chocolate :).
    And for me personally - while I love reading your thoughts and reviews on books, it's not always easy to comment (and say something meaningful ;)), especially if I haven't read the book or heard of the author. Whereas with chocolate, it is pretty easy to comment, meaningfully or otherwise ;).
    All the best, keep blogging!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! :)

      You're right; chocolate is, after all, chocolate! And posts about chocolate are probably easy to comment on, and it's also likely to be meaningful (I mean, even if one were to simply say "chocolate... good" that would be meaningful!).

      (BTW, I had not even thought of looking at the posts with the most comments; turns out those are about chocolate Easter eggs and the review of "Goddess".)

      Anyway, your comments are always meaningful, and thank you so much for reading! :)

  2. Onnittelut blogille!
    Minunkin blogillani tulee juuri kaksi vuotta täyteen!
    Hauskaa se on ollut, minulle jo ehkä intohimo...
    Ja tuo suklaa näyttää todella herkulliselta!

    1. Kiitos! :)

      Totta; muistankin, että samaan aikaan sattumalta aloitettiin bloggaus. Täytyy tunnustaa, että välillä en jaksaisi/viitsisi kirjoittaa mitään... mutta täytyy ajatella niin ettei ota tästä mitään paineita vaan tekee silloin kun huvittaa. :)