Monday, 16 May 2016

May - the month of sowing

We've come to May, or toukokuu.

This is another example of month names that refer to farm work done during a certain time of year. Touko is a familiar word to most modern day Finns in the connection of toukotyö. Työ means work, and toukotyö is farm work that is done in spring; ploughing, sowing etc.

Interestingly (I would say so, wouldn't I?), touko is generally considered to refer to the springtime work on the fields or the growing crops themselves; however, one source I happened to come across mentioned that it originates from an ancient Finno-Ugric word which means 'spring'. Incidentally, Touko is also a Finnish given name, although not a common one these days.

Since I don't happen to have an image of ploughed fields at hand, I picked a picture of some wood anemones instead. They blossom abundantly around our house right now.

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