Monday, 10 October 2016

Review: Fazer Winter Edition: Cinnamon and Biscuit in Milk Chocolate (Jouluisia mausteita & rapeita keksimuruja)

A sure sign of the approaching winter are Fazer’s Winter Edition chocolates. Sometimes I’ve found them in September already; this year, it was early October when I saw them in the supermarket. I’ve previously reviewed the dark chocolate with apple, caramel and hazelnuts and the milk chocolate with almonds, cranberries and Christmas spices; today we take a bite of this year’s newcomer, milk chocolate with cinnamon and biscuit. The Finnish text, however, says “Christmas spices” instead of cinnamon... but whichever it is, I wanted to have a taste!

The wrapping is the classic Fazer bar wrapping with a bit of Yuletide spirit in the form of golden snowflakes etc. Very pretty.

The scent of milk chocolate is sweet and there is a hint of spices, but it is not at all overwhelming, just enough to make the scent warm. I like that!

The milk chocolate is what I've come to expect from Fazer: smooth and silky and not too sweet. My favourite milk chocolate to date. The biscuit crumbs are small and crunchy but have no particular flavour. As for the cinnamon – turns out the Finnish text about “Christmas spices” is more accurate, for the ingredient list includes not only cinnamon but also cardamom, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. Now, such a medley could very well result in inharmony and give the chocolate a sort of fusty, stale taste, but this is not the case here. There is just a pinch of those spices, enough to give the chocolate a lovely, warm, Yuletide flavour.

While I secretly hoped that this might replace my old favourite, gingerbread chocolate from Fazer (which, alas, is no longer available! It was not only delicious but it came in big bars with thick pieces... mmmm....), it does not really compare. It does, however, go nicely with the cold, darkening evenings – and I’d imagine it would make a perfect companion to a glass of hot, spiced wine!

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