Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Review: Leader Raw Choco Winter Favourites (Blueberry & Lingonberry, Apple & Caramelized Almond, Orange & Season's Spices)

These three bars are “Winter Favourites” or “Season Editions” from Leader. I’ve previously reviewed some of their other raw chocolate bars and was keen to sample these new season flavours.

The wrappers are pretty and seasonal, and the bars themselves have a lovely pattern on one side and additions/flavourings on the other. I particularly like the look of blueberry and lingonberry bar! Here from left to right: Blueberry & Lingonberry, Apple & Caramelized Almond and Orange & Season's Spices.

These are raw chocolate with cocoa content of at least 70 %. The chocolate is made of organic, unroasted cocoa beans and cane sugar. Though dark, it is not at all bitter but it does have an intense flavour, which I gather is typical of raw chocolate.

In Blueberry & Lingonberry, there are bits of blueberry and lingonberry in the chocolate. Some are bigger, some tiny – more like powdered, dried berries. The taste of berries isn’t very strong, but it does give the chocolate a nice, fresh tang which forms a lovely counterpoint to the rich chocolate.

Apple & Caramelized Almond comes with dried apple pieces and bits of caramelized almonds. The almonds are more noticeable of the two. I couldn’t quite detect the caramelisation, but the almonds give the chocolate a nice crunch. The apple pieces are juicy and tart – I only wished there were more of them!

Orange & Season's Spices does not contain actual orange but orange oil. The “season's spices” are cinnamon, clove and ginger, which form a gentle, barely-there note. The orange oil can be detected in the scent already and its taste is stronger than that of the spices. To be honest, chocolate and orange was never my favourite combination, but together with the spices, orange gives this chocolate an enticing, exotic air.

After the first taste, I would perhaps name the Blueberry & Lingonberry my favourite. Or maybe the Apple & Almonds... no, I can’t decide! They’re all good... and an ideal choice if you’re looking for a slightly healthier option to satisfy your chocolate craving.

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