Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Review: Fazer Milk Chocolate and Honey Roasted Almonds

This is the latest addition to Fazer’s large (200 g) milk chocolate bars: a milk chocolate bar flavoured with honey-roasted almonds!

The wrapping is the typical, classic blue of the Fazer milk chocolates, with a picture of (rather deliciously looking) roasted almonds and pieces of chocolate.

The scent has the sweetness of milk chocolate with the equally sweet, warm undertones of honey.

The milk chocolate itself is of the Fazer quality – my favourite milk chocolate in fact, smooth, not too sweet or sugary (they use fresh milk rather than dried or condensed milk). The honey roasted almonds come in fairly large fragments, crispy and crunchy and not too hard. There is the sunny sweetness of honey and the lovely toasted aroma of roasted almonds. I also detect a hint of salt – salt is mentioned among the ingredients but not among of the flavourings on the front of the wrapping... but I’ve seen this chocolate marketed as “with a touch of salt”. Either way, I like that bit of saltiness and might even have wished it to be more pronounced.

So far, my favourite among flavoured milk chocolates from Fazer has been the sea salt and caramel, but, while I still adore the flavour, my teeth are not too happy with the hard caramel granules. This might be a good alternative; gentler for your teeth and absolutely delicious!


  1. Hmm...kuulostaa hyvältä!
    Ainakin nuo hunajapaahdetut mantelit!
    Tummassa suklaassa toki maistuisi minulle ehkä paremmin... :)

    1. Oi, totta, tumma suklaa samoilla höysteillä olisi herkkua! Mutta pidin kyllä tästäkin kovasti, Fazerin maitosuklaa kun tosiaan on suosikkini. Itse asiassa meillä koko perhe on sinisen faneja. :)