Saturday, 7 June 2014

A double review

Lindt Creation Crème Brûlée chocolate
The milk chocolate in this is very smooth, very sweet. The filling is creamy and silky, almost like custard. It has tiny bits of crispy caramelised sugar in it. The chocolate pieces are fairly large, which is, naturally, a good thing. This is so tasty it's very hard to say anything not so good about it... if I absolutely had to, I might say that the combination of sweet chocolate, sweet filling and sweet caramelised sugar is almost (but only almost!) overwhelming in its sweetness. But no, I won't say that it's so sweet one piece is enough to satisfy a craving. If you can say such a thing, you've never had a true craving. ;)

Magnum Silver Marc de Champagne ice-cream bar
I don't often eat Magnum ice-cream bars, but this sounded so special/strange that it just had to be tested! The ice-cream has a shiny silver coating, which looks very interesting but doesn't have any particular taste. Underneath is a thick milk chocolate cover that cracks irregularly as you bite into it. The ice-cream itself is pale and very creamy with thin streaks of champagne sauce. The champagne flavour is noticeable (I don't think I could have named it, though, had I not known what it was) yet subtle. The flavours are well balanced so that none of them is overbearing, and it's a very pleasant combination. Overall, very delicious, but not so special I would have to buy it again.


  1. Silkkinen suklaa kuulostaa aina vastustamattomalta!
    Ja todellakin shamppanjajäätelö pitää testata!

  2. Molemmat maistuivat kyllä! Ja shampanjajäätelöä nyt piti maistaa ihan uteliaisuudesta. ;)