Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ancient rock art

I found these at my family's summer place. What are they? They're painted rocks that are supposed to look like - well, books, of course! The green one says "Satuja" (Fairy tales) and the red one is "Hamlet". I can't quite remember when I made these, but it must have been over 20 years ago! I do remember elaborate plans to make many more (all my favourite books, of course), but if I did make any, I can no longer find them. Perhaps it was too much of a challenge to find rocks of a suitable shape. Still, I like the idea, and it was interesting to see that my love for books was such a big influence all those years ago already.


  1. Hah, olitkin näin taiteellinen lapsena! Ihania!

    1. Heh, taiteellisuudesta en tiedä, mutta kirjat olivat mielessä silloinkin, kun piti tehdä jotain muuta kuin lukea. :)