Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Chocolate shops and cafés in Prague, travel stories part 3

Choco Café

I already told you about the chocolate museum in Prague, but there are a few other places that deserve to be mentioned. The city has many chocolate shops, one more tempting than the other. Unfortunately, we could not possibly visit them all, but we did stop by in a few.

One was a fairly small shop where we bought a nice selection of hand-made pralines. All of these were just heavenly, but my favourite was perhaps the ”Cleopatra”, a milk chocolate with a luscious caramel filling. Unfortunately, I no longer remember the name of the shop!

I have already told you about the amazing chocolate museum, or Chocolate Story, and mentioned the chocolate shop downstrairs. It is a huge shop, which sells not only chocolate but also marzipan, fudge, other goodies and... beer. There's also a café where you can enjoy waffles (with chocolate, naturally), fruit skewers covered in chocolate, chocolate mousses and so on. The only problem was that with such a wide selection, it was very difficult, almost impossible, to choose what to buy! We had limited space in our luggage, after all...

Before our trip, I had discovered that there was a café called Choco Café in Prague. I never make detailed travel plans, but I'll admit that this place was on my ”would be nice to visit” list. And my DH chivalrously located the place on a map and navigated the narrow streets of the old town to get us there (I could get lost in a hot chocolate cup, so wherever we go, I depend entirely on his sense of direction). And it was a lovely place! The interior is cosy, with mismatched tables and chairs (some of them big, plush, inviting armchairs), chandeliers and vintage posters. In addition to cakes, pies, hot chocolate, home-made lemonade etc. you can buy chocolates – there's a selection of pralines and quite a nice collection of chocolate bars. And, to our amazement, there's also a sort of chocolate fountain, or a chocolate tap, from which molten chocolate runs continuously...

I am somewhat ashamed to admit this, but we actually visited this café three times. It was that good! The hot chocolates were so thick you could almost eat them with a spoon (we did). And there was such a selection of delicious looking cakes it made me despair for I wanted to taste them all! Luckily, my family enjoys sharing, so what we'd do is pick two or three cakes, order a slice of each, and share them. The tiramisu was tasty, as was a chocolate nougat cake, but then, I'm also a big fan of cheesecakes and they had several silky smooth, creamy ones topped with berries... If I absolutely had to choose a favourite, I might pick the chocolate cheesecake, but only because, well, chocolate and cheesecake in one!

Now, it sounds like we ate nothing but chocolate and cake during our visit, but that's not true. Among other places, we happened upon one of the best Indian restaurants we've ever visited, a place called Indian Jewel. This is where we had my birthday dinner. As far as culinary experiences go, I'm afraid we pretty much skipped the traditional Czech cuisine – unless you count hot mead. It being February, we found that a cup of hot mead was just the thing when you've spent hours and hours walking around.


  1. Suklaan hurmaa Prahassa!!
    Ihanaa ja vau, mitä upeita suklaita!
    Kaunis paketti tuossa kirsikka- ja kiwisuklaassa!
    Muistan kyllä Prahan upean tarjonnan...

    1. Voi, olisipa tullut aiemmin puheeksi niin olisin kysynyt matkavinkkejä. :) Vaikka nytkin kyllä riitti tekemistä ja nähtävää, täytyi jättää osa toiseen kertaan.

      Joo, suklaakahvilassa oli myynnissä paljon erilaisia suklaalevyjä, ja nuo kaksi valikoituivat mukaan ehkä juuri kauniin paketin ansiosta... ja tietysti siksi, että rakastan kirsikoita ja toisaalta kiwi-suklaa on jotain, mitä en ole ikinä maistanut. :)