Thursday, 9 July 2015

Summer reading

Well, no. I don't have specific summer reads, if by that one means that one reads a particular genre or certain types of books during the summer. I don't have beach books, either, because I don't go to the beach. This reminds me of a little anecdote... way back when I was much younger, a friend and I went on a holiday in Greece. It was supposed to be a sun and parties kind of holiday... when we arrived at the hotel, the first thing I unpacked was a huge, thick volume (volume one of two, English edition) of Les Miserables. You should've seen my friend's face! :D

But in general, I read whatever I happen to feel like, and the weather or the season has little to do with that. Holiday reads are another matter, however... and if you have a favourite summer read, please go ahead and leave a comment, I would love to hear about it. :)

Anyway, it being summer (= mostly wet and cold) and me feeling too lazy to actually write a blog post, I've decided to simply post a couple of reading pictures.

When glancing up from the book:

Those were the few warm, sunny days we've had so far... more often it's been like this:


  1. Just beautiful summer photos from the cottage!
    Happy weekend, my friend!

    1. Thank you, dear Susanna! Have a lovely weekend, too. :)

  2. Hi Ulla,
    beautiful photos from a beautiful place! I hope you had some more summer days for reading on the jetty.
    As to summer reads - no, I don't have any real summer reads, I just tend to read whatever catches my fancy - which is what I usually do anyway. It seems like such a nice idea, though, to have reading traditions and seasons, like summer reads or holiday books, but somehow I never really get around to sticking to any such plans. I have been known to read Christmas-themed stories in spring, summer stories in winter, etc.
    The only thing resembling such plans is that I sometimes "save" a certain book for that special occasion - I think we talked about that on another post of yours, or at least you blogged about that and I was nodding emphatically :).
    Best wishes and good reading,

    1. Hi Kathy and thank you for your comment. :)

      The weather doesn't look very promising, but nothing you can do about it so no point in worrying. :)

      Hm, yes, I don't co-ordinate my reading with the seasons, either... even my "holiday reads" are holiday reads for other (weirder) reasons rather than having anything to do with those holidays. Most of them are, in fact, books that I "save" for a special occasion. :)

  3. Today I was standing at the checkout of a shop when I saw that book by Tove Jansson (The summer book) on a stand beside it. It reminded me of this post! ;D I almost bought it. ;D

    As for summer books or summer reading, they probably just mean something "light", as opposed to something "deep" or highly philosophical!!!! :D Question is: what do you read if you're in a place where it's always winter - or summer for that matter? Do people living in colder climates read only "winter" books?

    Now, seriously, why would you read on the beach? I mean, people sometimes take magazines, but, if your kind of beach is...uh... sunny, why would you take a book to read under the sun? To paraphrase somebody, people who do that are probably having fun wrong! :D


    1. Oh, I love Tove Jansson's Moomin books! :)

      Yes, I suppose that's what they mean by a summer read; something light and entertaining. As for taking a book to the beach... well, I don't really go to a beach that much (okay, more like never...) but when I have done that, I've often taken a book with me. What else are you supposed to do? Just sit there? ;) (Maybe that is why I don't go to the beach; I don't know what's so great about it. :D) At the summer place I read on the jetty, but I often put the book down and gaze at the sky or the lake or just close my eyes and daydream...