Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Turku Medieval Fair 2015

Last weekend, my DH and I spent a mini holiday in Turku, travelling back to the Medieval times. The fair was a lot of fun, as always - we've been going there for nearly a decade now, but enjoy it immensely every time. A small collection of pictures follows...

 A meal at Viking tavern Harald is always a must...

...and these cunning Vikings seem to have invented chocolate cake! :D

The fair features many merchants...

... and music...



... and provides the visitors with random romantic moments.


  1. Hi Ulla!

    Thank you for the post and the lovely photos! :D I was intrigued as to who took the last one. ;) (Kidding, no need to tell me...) ;)

    Got to pay a visit to Harald's someday...

    I enjoyed seeing the stands and the groups playing etc, but it all reminded me of ABC... :D Haven't seen them in a while...

    Hope the chocolate cake was ok. :)


    1. Hi i-user and thanks for your comments. :)

      I don't know who took the last photo! We were just sitting there when a stranger walked by and asked if he could take a picture of us (people do that quite often we we're in our period costumes). We said yes and asked if he could take one for us as well, using our camera. :)

      Unfortunately, ABC wasn't playing there... they performed here at the local Medieval Fair last summer, and it was great! :)

      Well, the chocolate cake was more than okay... it was good... it was _too_ good! There was a very moist, fudgy chocolate cake and a thin layer of white chocolate, a little like frosting... delicious! :)