Thursday, 25 June 2015

Olavinlinna trailers

Here's another thing that has nothing to do with the usual themes of this blog (I have promised to digress, so... ;)). It's just something I wanted to share.
Last autumn, we (my family and I) were lucky enough to participate in the making of a short film that is part of a new exhibition at the Olavinlinna Castle. It was an amazing experience (the film is silent, so we're not going to offen- erm, dazzle you with our acting skills), and here's a small glimpse of the result. Two short trailers - to see the film itself, you'll need to visit the castle.
In the first one, our whole family appears (around 30 seconds into the trailer).

In the second one, you can spot my DH (at around 12 seconds) striding down the hallway.

Here's a look at the scene in the first video:

As you can see, we got to wear period clothing, specifically 17th Century (ooh, those gowns! I've mentioned my fascination with such things before), sit in a make-up artist's chair and wear wigs and/or hair extensions. The tower chamber where the scene was shot was icy cold, but we barely noticed; it was so interesting to see how a scene was constructed, how the film crew worked and in general everything involved in such an endeavour. Now, of course, it's great to see how it all turned out.


  1. Oh, wow, Ulla, that is SO cool!
    Thanks for sharing.
    We enjoyed seeing glimpses of all of you in costume and in action :).
    All the best,

    1. Thank you, Kathy!

      It was a lot of fun, definitely a memorable day. :) We hope to be able to visit the castle one day to see the actual film. That will be exciting! :)

  2. Hienot videot tosiaan!
    Mahtava paikka!

    1. Kiitos. :)

      Kieltämättä komea linna! Mutta niinhän linnat yleensä ovat. :)