Sunday, 7 June 2015


A little while ago, I listed my favourite flowers. Among them were forget-me-nots and lily of the valley. And today I have a lovely bouquet of both adorning the kitchen table, thanks to my daughter! (Click -> bigger pic.)

This is just something I saw on the way to the hospital... even though stupid health issues keep bothering you, don't forget to stop and admire the flowers! :)

(And I don't know what G+ did to my photos or why, but I thought they looked nice so I wanted to share them. And that is the only reason for this whole post.)


  1. Hi Ulla,

    lovely flowers, and very thoughtful of your daughter.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, and for the reminder to remember the little things and be thankful for them. Although the words "hospital" and "health issues" do not sound good... hope it is not too serious. Best wishes!
    Instead of pictures, I'm just going to spread a bit of gratitude and happiness by listing "five things I love" today:
    1. Lazy Sundays
    2. sunshine and warmth
    3. changing the sheets - nothing like curling up in a freshly made bed with fresh sheets
    4. good books
    5. good friends (here's looking at you!)
    All the best,

    1. Thank you so much, dear Kathy. :)

      No, it's not serious, just the same old issues. Your list really cheered me up as it reminded me of things I love - because I love all the things you listed! :) Ahh, changing the sheets... don't like the work involved, but the feeling of fresh, crisp sheets - I revel in it!

  2. What a lovely picture!
    Summer and flowers! Flowers picked by Varpu, of course!
    Take care my friend!

    1. Thank you, dear friend. :)

      Varpu loves picking flowers - and she loves to smell them. When we're out somewhere, in a park for example, and she spots some flowers, she insists on stopping and smelling them. :)