Sunday, 14 June 2015

Review: Lindt Excellence Strawberry Intense

Ever since I tasted Lindt's Strawberry Intense, the white chocolate version, I've wanted to sample their other Strawberry Intense product, this one a dark chocolate. And as it happened, I received some as Mother's Day gift!

The wrapping is the white and gold package typical of this particular brand (like in Coconut Intense), with a picture of chocolate and strawberry. The chocolate squares are fairly thin but rather large, which, of course, is a good thing.

When I opened the wrapping, the scent of strawberry wafted into my nose. It is quite intense... and very, very inviting!

The chocolate has the cocoa content of 47 %, so not the darkest of dark chocolates. It is intense enough, however – anything stronger and it might overpower the strawberry, and then the whole thing would be rather pointless, wouldn't it? The strawberry comes as bits of dried strawberries scattered in the chocolate. There is a generous amount of them, they're not at all dry but soft and chewy and taste wonderful! Being tart and lively, they provide a lovely contrast to the rich darkness of the chocolate. It is neither bitter nor too sweet – and, well, the combination of chocolate and strawberry is rather sensual, isn't it?

If I had to choose between this one and the white chocolate version, I'd choose this. That is probably explained by the fact that I generally prefer dark and milk chocolates for white chocolate. However, it also seemed to me as if the strawberry flavour had been more intense in this one. I don't know if that is possible... Still, I found this both refreshing and a bit luxurious at the same time.


  1. Mansikka ei kuulu suosikkeihini, mutta suklaassa varmasti herkullista!
    Keskikesän taikaa!

    1. Herkullista tosiaan, mutta lempimarjani onkin mansikka... ei kun kirsikka. Ei kun vadelma. Ei kun... äh, en osaa valita. :)

      Muistinkin jostain, että et erityisemmin pidä mansikoista... mulle banaani on sellainen, josta en ole koskaan oikein tykännyt. Mutta banaani"jätski" runsaalla tummalla kaakaojauheella maustettuna kelpaa kyllä. :D