Monday, 28 September 2015

Review: Fazer Crunchy Caramel and Sea Salt

The caramel + sea salt combination seems to be very popular right now – a while ago, I reviewed Lindt’s Excellence Caramel and Sea Salt; I’ve seen some other chocolates and even ice cream with the same combo, and then my DH picked up some caramel & sea salt chocolate bars from Fazer on his trip to the grocery store.

I am not complaining. On the contrary. I may have mentioned (about a dozen times) that I love caramel. I especially love it with chocolate (and ice cream!). And the addition of sea salt... well, it took me a while to being to appreciate the sweet and salty combination, but now that I do... yes, I’m a fan. A big fan.

And so I’ve greeted this new trend with enthusiasm and had very high expectations about the new Fazer product.

These are small bars (37g) of milk chocolate. The color scheme of the wrapping is traditional Fazer: dark blue with gold (classy!) and a smallish illustration. The bar is made up of five pieces, not particularly big but oooh so satisfyingly thick.

The scent is sweet – well, it’s milk chocolate and caramel, of course it’s sweet. But not in a cloying, sugary way... it’s a delicious, warm, alluring scent.

The milk chocolate is of Fazer quality, one of my very favourites. It’s silky smooth, both in texture and in taste. The caramel pieces come in small crunchy bits that give the chocolate a lovely sweet, deep burnt sugar flavour. I couldn’t find any actual salt granules in there anywhere, so the salt is not too strong and far from overwhelming, yet it is definitely there and provides a nice contrast to the otherwise sweet flavours. Most of the sea salt chocolates I’ve tried so far have either too little or too much salt or the salt is unevenly distributed. This is not the case here, or at least I found the amount of salt just right for my taste.

And was it what I expected? Yes! I’m addicted (I bought some more today...). I can definitely call this a new favourite. I just wish this came in bigger doses, because a tiny bar is just not enough of something this tasty!


  1. Suklaan nautintoja taas ihaniin syyspäiviin!

    1. Kyllä vain! No, suklaa maistuu aina ja sopii joka tilanteeseen... :)