Friday, 19 August 2016


Right. I was not going to do another “Friday reads” post, but I couldn’t resist!

First, because a novel titled “Pyöveli” (“Executioner”) just seemed so perfect for a bookish still life that I had to play with it and snap a picture, and, second, because I’m so thrilled to finally get ahold of this novel. It’s set in the 17th century Finland, which alone is fascinating. But what's more, it’s written by Anneli Kanto, whose previous 17th century novel ("Piru, kreivi, noita ja näyttelijä" - "Devil, Count, Witch and Actor") I quite liked and whose "Veriruusut" ("Blood Roses") was nothing short of excellent. So it is with great expectations that I start reading this (probably rather grim) book.

If everything goes according to plans, however, there won’t be much time to read this weekend... which means I’d better start now! ;)

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