Thursday, 25 August 2016

Review: Marabou Premium Cranberries & Pecan

This isn't exactly new, but it took me a while to get around to tasting it. Marabou Premium Cranberries & Pecan is a dark chocolate bar which comes wrapped in a cardboard box. Upon opening the box, one finds two fairly narrow chocolate bars. The bars are satisfyingly thick, though – I may have mentioned before that while thinness perhaps gives chocolate bars a certain feel of luxury, there's just something wicked and sinful about the thicker bars that I absolutely adore! These are also very pretty, with the pale pecans and crimson cranberries dotting the dark chocolate.

The scent is sweet and warm, and the chocolate, though dark, is also surprisingly sweet and definitely not the darkest kind (not with the cocoa content of 46 %). It's very rich, though, and the pecans and cranberries come in big pieces, almost like lumps, which not only looks good and suits the somewhat rugged appearance of these bars (which I love) but is also welcome variety to chocolates that contain additions in small morsels. The caramelised pecans are crunchy, sugary and have that delicious roasted aroma. The cranberries are juicy and tart and provide a nice contrast to the otherwise very sweet chocolate.

Despite the overall sweetness of this chocolate, I really liked it! It gets extra points for thick bars and big pieces. It's the kind of chocolate that I love to munch on. It would be easy to get addicted to this...

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