Monday, 20 March 2017

Currently reading

I am currently reading three different novels. Their settings:

- France, 17th century
- England, 17th century
- Germany, 17th century

I don't know how that happened. So I'll just add a picture of a 17th century painting by Abraham Bosse ("Five senses: Touch"). This one always makes me smile (talk about awkward family photos!).


  1. Wow, THREE novels at the same time? That's pretty impressive. And all set in a similar time period as well? I could maybe imagine reading different genres at the same time, but this? I'm really impressed :).
    I'm usually a one-novel-at-a-time-person, I do read magazines and manage non-fiction books alongside a novel. But three historic novels all set in a similar period would probably confuse me...
    And that picture is amusing, your comment had me laughing out loud, so thanks for that.
    I'd be curious about how the reading process with those three books works out - if you'd like to share.
    Anyway - happy reading!
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Kathy and thank you for your comment. :)

      Well, I am a serial reader; I tend to read a couple of novels (and maybe a non-fiction book) at the same time; I think I've written about that before as one of my reading quirks ( ). I do have a reason for what happened now; it has to do with a writing project (yes, also set in the 17th century)... even so, I usually take better care of not mixing reading material that is too similar, that is, I try to read different genres and/or books set in different eras. So far, the same time period hasn't resulted in confusion as all three books are otherwise rather different, but we'll see how it goes...