Thursday, 16 March 2017

Review: Chocolate Tree Whisky Nibs

I never win anything! I don’t consider myself particularly lucky, nor do I entirely trust all those Facebook giveaways… yet I guess I must be a positive person after all, for I always think it might be worth a try - and now it really was! I entered a giveaway organised by a Finnish company Laatusuklaa (Quality Chocolate) who import and sell some of the finest chocolates available in Finland.

And I won!!! ūüėä

I won a bar of Chocolate Tree’s dark chocolate with whisky nibs. Actually, the winner could choose between this and a milk chocolate bar, also from Chocolate Tree, but this sounded like an interesting combination… and I don’t even like whisky! I chose it just because it sounded different and I wanted to be adventurous!

The chocolate arrived about a week ago (right on International Women’s Day, as it happened!), and I must say that the people at Laatusuklaa had done a perfect job in packaging it. The bar was wrapped in several layers of protective materials, and the box was filled with foam peanuts to ensure that the bar would not break! Now that’s what I call fabulous service.

The pretty, colourful wrapping informs me that this chocolate has won an award. Interesting! Inside are two bars wrapped in silver foil. The bars are long and narrow, with one side patterned with leaf and floral motives. I really like the look of them! Here, almost too pretty to eat...

The chocolate is dark with a 69 % cocoa content, and the whisky comes in the form of cocoa nibs that have been soaked in Scottish single malt whisky. In case you’re wondering, the whisky content is 6 %.

The scent is lovely. I detect the darker, earthier notes of cocoa and something sweet, fruity or even floral – can that really be the whisky?

The texture is smooth - apart from the cocoa nibs, which are actually softer than in other chocolates I've nibbled before. And the taste? It’s fascinating - on the first taste, I found the same fruitiness that was present in the scent... but on the second, there was a definite smoky flavour! I must admit that I just can’t identify the whisky - apart from that smokiness, which is very pleasant - but then, I’ve only tasted whisky a couple of times. My DH, who has a little more experience, says it’s clearly there. Sometimes chocolates that include alcohol have a boozy aroma that is simply too strong for my taste, but this is not the case here.

At first, I did not quite know what I thought about this, but the more bites I had, the more I liked it! I imagine this could be a lovely, warming treat on cold winter days...


  1. Hi there,
    congratulations on winning at a giveaway, and winning chocolate on top of that... excellent. The chocolate looks very enticing (not to mention that packaging!), and I just might know someone who'd probably be able to identify and recognize the whisky taste ;).
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good weekend,

    1. Thank you, Kathy!

      Yes, I could hardly believe my luck - I never win! And then, to win chocolate, of all things... :D

      Oh, while sampling this chocolate, we thought about you guys and the whisky tasting you organised for us! That was fun. :) Marko had clearly paid more attention, he said he remembered the taste and therefore was able to recognise it here.

      Have a lovely weekend! :)

  2. I know how much I personally hate receiving broken chocolate bars in the mail, so we do our best with the packaging :-)

    Jarkko @ Laatusuklaa

    1. Well, yes, that would be annoying. Thank you so much for taking such good care of the packaging process, and thank you for delicious chocolate! :)

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