Thursday, 16 April 2015

Blog birthday with literary figures

I can't believe it's been a year since I started writing this blog! It was supposed to be just an experiment, to see whether I even like blogging, but this seems to be my 73rd post... It isn't many, I know, but since my intention was to write something like two posts per month, it's not that bad. And it's been fun. I think I will continue rambling about books and chocolates and some other random topics. Thank you for reading. :)

And now, since I feel that one of those random topics is in order, let me introduce you to my latest literary friends:

Oh, we're going to have so much fun...

Like my heathen horde, these two are surprise presents from my DH. He has clearly selected each of these minifigures with care (Well, what can I say? The man knows my taste!). I was thrilled beyond words to discover that there is a Shakespeare Lego minifigure with a tiny quill and a parchment that says “To build... or not to build?” and a Hamlet (or a thespian) with a sweetly grinning skull. I think the two make a wonderful pair. Maybe it's my weird sense of humour, but I find them hilarious!


  1. Dear Ulla! :)

    Congratulations!!! 73 posts! Wow! May you continue writing and wrestling with those words so successfully!!! :)

    (I don't know if it's my impression, but, from this angle, the characters's legs and feet seem made of squares of chocolate. How appropriate. ;D)


    1. Thank you so much! :)

      Luckily for Shakespeare and Hamlet, their feet are not chocolate, otherwise I might have eaten them already! (That sounds sad. I so many ways.)

  2. Happy birthday...for your blog!!!
    Mine will be one year on next week too!

    1. Thank you and congrats to you and your blog, too! :) I remember when we talked about it; how we'd started blogging almost at the same time... I just can't belive it was a year ago already!