Monday, 13 April 2015

Review: Dove Caramel Liaison

I may have mentioned before that I'm a big fan of caramel, so while I think I've sampled Dove's Caramel Liaison before, I'm puzzled by the fact that I haven't bought it in ages.

The wrapping is pretty, with hues of chocolate and caramel swirling together (nice image for the whole liaison thing). Opening the wrapping reveals two bars, each of which is divided into three sections. I'm happy with the solution: you don't have to eat the whole bar at once, and it's easier to share it with someone.

Upon opening the wrapping, my first impression was of something very sweet; the scent is rather sugary. The milk chocolate is indeed sweet and does not have any particular characteristics. It's still tasty, though, and has a very smooth texture that melts deliciously in your mouth. The filling, as promised, is caramel... and there's plenty of it! It's very sweet (well, what else?) but luscious and runny. This means you have to be careful when eating the bar; the caramel tries to sneak out of its chocolate shell and you have to devour it fairly fast if you don't want that tasty filling to escape.

While this chocolate is definitely very sweet, the combination of chocolate and caramel just works. It's the perfect liaison.

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