Monday, 20 April 2015

Review: Corné Port-Royal Marc de Champagne truffles

No, I didn't spoil myself and buy this box of Corné Port-Royal's Marc de Champagne truffles! It was a gift from my dear sister, who clearly has a great taste in chocolates and who obviously knows how much such a gift would be appreciated. :)

The package already tells me that this is no ordinary chocolate. The deep red box, the gold lettering, the smallish, stylish picture, the ribbon – every single element adds a bit of extravaganza to the package, yet it is far from being garish or tacky.

In a clear plastic wrapping nestle the truffles. The package promises “+/- 11 pieces” – unfortunately, I forgot to count them! They are of a nice size, however (i. e. not too small), and the shapes and sizes are just a tiny bit irregular, which enhances the impression of gourmet artisan truffles. They've received a pretty white dusting of powdered sugar.

The scent is seductive: sweet, mellow chocolate with a lively, tiny tang from the champagne.

The chocolate coating is just the right thickness. It's creamy and full-bodied. The white filling is almost buttery but yet somehow very light and melts in your mouth. The champagne isn't overpowering; it is there, certainly, but it doesn't overwhelm the aromas of the chocolate and it doesn't leave that bitter, stale aftertaste that some chocolates with liqueur do. If the combination of chocolate and champagne sounds decadent, I'd say that decadence has been perfectly captured in the flavour of these lovely truffles.

I don't like rating chocolates, but I have to go so far as to say that this is undoubtedly one of the best I have ever tasted. It's definitely not something I'd turn to for my daily chocolate fix; it is something to save for special occasions, celebrations; something to indulge in.

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