Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Review: GEPA Grand Chocolat Espresso Caramel

This was a gift from dear friends (thank you! :)) and what a thoughtful gift it was! For one, I don’t think you can get this chocolate in Finland, so it’s a rare treat – and it was clearly selected by someone who knows my preferences. (The lovely cloth under the chocolate was a gift from another dear friend – thank you! :))

The chocolate is organic fair trade chocolate, which is always a good thing. As far as my German serves me correctly, even the milk is organic and the sugar used is raw sugar.

I love the wrapping: luscious, earthy colours combined with a bit of luxury in the form of gold lettering. The fairly thin tablet is divided into sizeable squares. The scent is mild at first, mainly that of milk chocolate, but then I distinguished some deeper aromas, hints of something warm and even something smoky. Interesting!

The milk chocolate is smooth and sweet (but not overly so), and what makes it really interesting are the additions. We have crunchy, crisp, dry espresso bits that are almost (but not quite) bitter and reveal a wonderful earthy taste. And we have caramel granules that are sticky and chewy and have a delicious full-bodied burnt sugar flavour. They stick to your teeth (hence the lovely aftertaste of caramel) and cause an instant craving for some more.

This combination of textures and tastes is fascinating, especially in that it’s somehow both complex and unassuming at the same time! There’s something very organic, robust and natural in it. I'd say it makes a perfect, comforting companion for these dark, dreary not-yet-quite-winter evenings.


  1. Espresson ja karamellin yhdistelmä!
    Laitoin sinulle taas vähän haastetta!
    Mantelilaaksosta löytyy!

    1. Kyllä, oli erittäin jännä yhdistelmä!

      Kiitos haasteesta, täytyypä käydä heti katsomassa. :)

  2. Glad you like(d) it :). And the chocolate really goes extremely well with that lovely cloth, so pretty!
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you, Kathy - and thank you so much for the chocolate! :) It took me a while to get around to writing a review... but it's a very interesting and delicious combination of flavours, and the fact that it's organic and fair trade chocolate is definitely a bonus.