Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Review: Whittaker's L&P (White Chocolate with Lemon)

This chocolate was actually a birthday present from good friends to my daughter, but, a generous soul that she is, she gladly shared the chocolate with me and my DH. I love the wrapping with its vintage look!

This is another product from Whittaker's, a company in New Zealand (thanks to the same dear friends, I've had a chance to sample their chocolates once before), this time a white chocolate block. Block is indeed the right word for this chocolate bar: it is a large, thick tablet, the kind you just want to pick up and break into chunks and devour (I don't know what it is about those thick chocolate bars, but they just make me… oh never mind). I had no idea of what “L&P” might mean, but a bit of googling told me that it refers to a popular drink in New Zealand, something with lemon (lemon juice and spring water, apparently).

Well, there's definitely lemon in it, the scent is unbelievably fresh and tangy, with the tart notes of lemon almost overpowering the sweetness of white chocolate. I happen to like the lemon flavour, so that's promising!

The white chocolate is sweet and creamy, very lovely, and it comes with some sort of popping candy that crackles and pops in your mouth and releases a tangy, bright lemon flavour. To be perfectly honest, all that fizzy hissing was a little distracting for me, but my daughter absolutely loved it! I am not a big fan of white chocolate myself (I do like it, but I almost always choose milk or dark over white), but I must say I enjoyed this one very much and don't think the flavours would work so well with any other kind of chocolate.

Now, when I think of something delicious to have on a hot summer day, chocolate isn't usually on the top of my list (ice-cream is!). But then again, chocolate is always good and pretty much goes with any and all situations. However, this chocolate is perfect for those warm, sunny summer days: the white chocolate makes it less heavy, somehow, than milk or dark chocolate, the lemon makes it refreshing, and the fizzing and bubbling remind one of a cool, sparkling drink. It's really too bad that this isn't available in Finland (that I know of, anyway) for this would be lovely for all summer occasions, garden parties, days on a beach, or simply just taking it easy when it's too hot to do much else (not that we see many such days here ;) ).


  1. Whittakers have been known to do some crazy combinations. Their factory is maybe 10km down the road from my house.

    Lemon & Paeroa is an NZ icon. When you googled it did you see the big bottle they built in the town of Paeroa?

    Yeah, a little bit proud of some silly things :)

    Plus White Choc is my fav :)

    1. Hi John,

      you live that close to a chocolate factory?!? I'm so jealous... ;)

      I'm afraid I didn't come across any images of that big bottle, but now I'm curious so maybe I'll have to google again.

      I'm not very fond of white chocolate, but this was very interesting (and certainly different) - and Whittaker's sea salt and caramel was really very, very good. :)

  2. Hi Ulla,

    I'm glad that you all enjoyed it :).
    Lovely review, and a great photo, too!

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Kathy,

      thank _you_ for the delicious chocolate! It was certainly something different and very refreshing. :)