Sunday, 18 September 2016

Bargain books

As I may have mentioned, I can't resist a book sale. Another one of my weaknesses are the library sales. Yesterday, we went to a second-hand store, and they had shelves after shelves of used books there! We came back home with six. One for my daughter, one for my DH (all right, fine, that one was actually also for our daughter, although my DH picked it so he could read it to her ;)) and four for me! All four are by one of my favourite authors, Kaari Utrio, who writes excellent historical fiction. One of the books I chose is non-fiction, however; the history of Finnish women.

I was not going to buy all of them, but the price was just 1 € per book! How could I have resisted?


  1. Hi Ulla!

    Your books look great! I bet Varpu like them, too! It's so nice when you find something you like for a great price! How could you resist? ;D

    Sorry for the lack of visits/comments here. I'll try to fix that. I'll come back to read the other posts and see the pictures. Thank you for the lovely stories.

    Have a nice week.

    Speak with you soon.


    1. Hi ireader!

      Thank you for your comment! Lovely to see you here. :)

      Yes, one thing I can't resist is good books for a reasonable price. ;)

      And no worries, I love hearing from you but I know how it is sometimes. :)