Monday, 19 September 2016

September - Autumn month

September. Syyskuu. Syys or syksy means autumn. Quite simply, September is known as “autumn month” in Finland.

Autumn is my favourite season. Yes, I do love summer, mostly because it is warm (or rather, it’s not so horribly cold all the time!); because of the light and the life and the summer holidays and the general sense of freedom. In fact, I like all seasons, they all have their own allure and mysteries, but there’s just something magical about autumn. I love the soft, fading light, the gathering darkness. The vibrant colours of the falling leaves, the scent of apples (and baking apple pies!), the crisp, clear, quiet days... and even - or especially - those dark, dreary, rainy days. Perfect for curling up with a good book! ;)


  1. Hi Ulla,
    autumn is my very favorite season, too.
    You said it - all seasons have their own special appeal, but autumn is just magical. Sort of bittersweet as the days get shorter again, the light is amazing, so soft and warm still, the nip of cold in the mornings and evenings... Yup, I love it.
    Have a good time,
    best wishes
    P.S. Lovely photos :)

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I know you love autumn, too. :) Many people find the darkness depressing, but I think it's lovely... and then there are candles and warm blankets and the dark and stormy nights... which are wonderful when you can stay inside with a good book. ;) So let's enjoy it! :)