Monday, 26 September 2016

Review: Divine Milk Chocolate with Toffee & Sea Salt

Ever since I tasted Divine Chocolate’s dark chocolate with raspberry and fell in love with it, I’ve wanted to sample their toffee and sea salt milk chocolate – after all, sea salt and toffee/caramel is one of my very favourite combinations!

Divine Chocolate, however, isn’t a brand that would be widely available in Finland and the bars are a little pricey – but hey, once in a while you can treat yourself. As a bonus, these are fair trade chocolates!

The wrapping is the gorgeous Divine Chocolate style, and the bar is divided into lovely little squares with adorable patterns (see the image above).

The scent is sweet and chocolatey... and the flavour! The milk chocolate is smooth and silky. The toffee gives the chocolate a nice, crunchy texture and some added sweetness. The saltiness wasn’t immediately apparent, but another bite included a salt granule or two, and that took the experience to a whole new level. It was just the right amount to give the chocolate some emphasis and edge and to counterbalance the sweetness provided by the toffee.

I can't quite decide how this compares to the similar (milk chocolate, caramel and sea salt) product from Fazer... I think I might have to list them both as my favourite. ;)

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