Monday, 4 May 2015

Review: Cloetta Nougat Center and Cloetta Toffee Center

I saw these small (80 grams) chocolate tablets from Cloetta in the supermarket and let my DH persuade me to sample them (not that I needed much encouragement... ;)). One has a nougat filling, the other comes with caramel.

The wrappings are colourful and have simple designs. The impession is not that of a quality chocolate – which is clearly not the intention, either. The bars are divided into small, sort of puffy squares that have the text “Cloetta” on them.

Both bars have a very sweet, sugary but otherwise mild scent. The milk chocolate is, I assume, the same in both versions. It's very sweet, and, with the cocoa content of 25 %, it's very mild even for a milk chocolate. By itself, I wouldn't really care for it.

But it's the filling that makes all the difference here.

The nougat one is filled with pale, silky smooth nougat. The flavour of nuts or almonds isn't as strong as in most nougats – this is almost reminiscent of caramel, which is a little weird but not a bad thing. The flavours of both chocolate and nougat are rather mild and sugary, but even so quite tasty.

And the toffee version. I've said it before but I'll say it again: caramel is my favourite filling in chocolates, so I had high hopes for this one. And I wasn't disappointed! The toffee filling has a slightly grainy texture. It is sweet (well, obviously!) and has that delicious burnt sugar aroma... and is just a tiny bit salty, which makes it just about perfect.

These two don't try to give an impression of quality chocolate; they're the kind of stuff you munch on while watching a movie. And for that they're just right. The toffee version, especially, made me crave for more; I will definitely buy it again.

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