Friday, 15 May 2015

Review: Marabou Premium 70 % Cocoa Salty Liquorice

Last week, I reviewed Fazer's new version of their Kismet bar, the licorice. And now I found a salty liquorice version of Marabou's Premium chocolate! Is this a new trend or something?

The wrapping boasts beautiful colours of dark brown and purple, a picture of chocolate and... licorice root? Licorice sticks? I'm not sure. The chocolate is divided into satisfyingly large squares. You can actually see tiny dark spots in it – the licorice!

With the cocoa content of 70 %, this is dark chocolate – I suspect it's the same as in the other Premium line products (I've reviewed mint and coffee before). It has a strong scent of cocoa and the taste is smooth yet has that intensity that I love about dark chocolate. The licorice is scattered in the chocolate in tiny, crisp, hard pieces. The first impression is ”salty” (as is stated in the package) but if you let the chocolate melt in your mouth, the licorice brittle also begins to melt and the flavour of licorice is released. It's quite lovely – I enjoy the sweet and salty combination, and the licorice gives it a little more complexity.

I bought this one simply because I was curious and wanted to try something new – but it will likely not be the last time!

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